“Andy Warhol Does Georgia O’Keeffe” - Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's Poppy flowers and Andy Warhol's composites, I've created four leaded glass panels of the same flower in different rich primary colors, each 30” x 22”. I created  these for myself and incorporated them in the design of the spa room we added on to our cabin in the Berkshires!

Inspired by O'Keeffe

“Jugs” - This glasswork was inspired by a larger still-life by Picasso called "Still Life on a Pedestal Table." I selected a section of his larger canvas and chose deeper, richer colors of glass creating a very dramatic, strong glass panel. The deep rich colors include a burgandy waterglass, blood orange and various shades and textures of purples. The amber "Jug" dominates the center of the glass panel  This glassart was exhibited in a gallery in TriBeca, NY and bought by a couple who wanted a glasswork of strong, vibrant colors.

Inspired by Cezanne

“Thunderbird” – This is my original design for an 8’ x 8’ wall mural inspired by Indian symbols and desert flowers.  My client's home in Palm Springs is filled with Indian artifacts and they wanted to continue that theme.  My challenge (besides creating six panels that interlocked!) was to incorporate their requests to capture the desert, its flowers, Indian artifacts (note the Indian symbols for rain clouds, teepee, running water and the thunderbird).  They also had a painting of a deer and loved the Roadrunner, so you'll see I incorporated the deer and in the lower left-hand corner one of those little guys as well!   It was an amazing project that took six months and over 5,000 hand-cut pieces!  It is installed bolted to the wall behind sliding glass doors and is the centerpiece of their dining room in Palm Springs.  The brilliant colors reflect on the floor and the light illuminates the wall all day!  The drama is palpable!

“Still Life” – Inspired by Cezanne’s “Still Life with a Basket of Apples” I took the liberty of adding grapes to the table!  This glasswork was commissioned by a couple who loved Cezanne and wanted to enhance their kitchen by hiding the brick building across the alley, providing an oasis from the typical Manhattan view!

Inspired by Picasso

“Trumpet” - Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's "White Trumpet Flower" - O'Keeffe's flowers are graceful and serene and inspires us to feel that way. My clients loved to garden so this glasswork brings the beauty of nature inside as it is suspended in the kitchen of their cabin in the mountains in The Berkshires.

“Reclining Nude” - This glasswork was inspired by Picasso's paintings of his "Weeping Women" series. Glass only adds to the sensuousness of his form. My client commissioned this for her husband who greatly admires the woman form and Picasso!. This is framed in a black lacquered frame and suspended in a bay window in South Beach and captures the Eastern light in the morning.

Inspired by Picasso

“Prairie on Broadway” – My client loved the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and wanted a piece to separate the kitchen from the living room in his loft in Soho.  On the left is my sketch of the 48" x 24" leaded glass art panel in the spirit of Wright’s geometric principles.  The loft is on Broadway in NYC, hence the name!

This portfolio of my leaded glass art commissions shows my finished leaded glass artwork and the original inspiration, then as it is framed and suspended in front of a window  or installed in a structure.  The beauty of working with glass is how the colors change in hue and intensity depending on the changing light throughout the day.

Custom Designed leaded glass art

Inspired by Matisse

“Blue Nude” – Inspired by Matisse’s “Nu Bleu IV” cut-outs, the vibrancy of the blue waterglass brought a new life to the sensuousness of the nude and the textured clear glass for the background brought  this art to life. This was purchased by a lover of the art of Matisse and is suspended in a window in Miami Beach changing dramatically with the Northern light.

Iva Kalikow

Fine Art in Glass     

“Apple Blossoms” – Inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s Apple Blossoms.  Her flowers in pastels offer the serenity to a den in West Palm Beach creating an extension of the client's gardens just beyond.

Inspired by O'Keeffe

Inspired by Van Gogh

“Sunflowers” - Inspired by Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" - This glasswork is framed in a beautiful natural teak wood that brings out the grains in the glass I chose for the table the vase is sitting on. For some of the flowers, I used cat's eye marbles and soldered them sculpturally giving it a three-dimensional feel. This was on exhibit at the Design Center in Dania, FL and purchased by a couple who suspended it in a front living room window in NY and the flowers shimmer as the light changes during the day.

Inspired by O'Keeffe